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Realize the benefits from the world's leading desktop slotting and warehouse layout software tools for only $495 per month. Conceptual designs, 3D warehouse model & layout, daily optimized slotting results, and more are just a few clicks away. You can cancel the service anytime.

The Monthly Plan Includes:

• Immediate Software Download
Slot3D™ Professional
Slot3D™ AutoSync
Slot3D™ ProView
Service Credits
Full Access to PILOT™ Training
• Online Self-Paced Training (coming soon)

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Autodesk Microsoft Certified Partner
Certified WIM Technology Material Handling Industry of America IDS Engineering

3D Warehouse Model & Layout

The Slot3D™ Warehouse Model & Layout workflow is the most powerful in the industry.

Simply enter general parameters about your storage equipment and watch as Slot3D™ effortlessly creates an intelligent and accurate 3D digital model of your warehouse.

Powered by Autodesk® Technology, Slot3D™ combines your warehouse specific workflow rules with capacity and facility layout information from the 3D model to develop economic based slotting plans.

"It is my opinion that anyone who is involved in the design of a new warehouse or even a re-design of an existing facility would benefit from having their design verified using Slot3D."
Wayne Decker, Sr. Vice President of Operations
Big Rock Sports, LLC.

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Harness the informational power of Slot3D™ to:

  • Understand the feasibility of changes in warehouse workflow and the effective cost savings strategy for implementation.
  • Give more attention to cost factors by studying alternative solutions on one model.
  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and improve throughput.
  • Standardize facility production increases through tested best practices.
  • Understand the preferred path to maximize warehouse capital investment for DBOM (Design, Build, Own, Maintain)
  • Realize the benefit of analyses done during design to improve the warehouse performance rather than having to change an existing facility layout later.

Conceptual Designs 3D Warehouse Model & Layout Daily Optimized Results

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